Week #6: Indie Travel Manifesto

For their sixth week of the Indie Travel Challenge,  the folks at BootsnAll published themselves a manifesto on indie travel. During Week 2, I shared my thoughts on the idea of “indie travel” and how I think labelling yourself and the things you do is kind of silly. Really, it’s just the labelling part I’m not so crazy about. The manifesto itself? Pretty great. In fact, I think the points it lists are fundamental tenants of good travel and should be taken to heart. If all travellers read this list and tried to abide by it, in travel and in life, then the world might be a better place. Especially those travelling together.

I know it’s a cliche to discuss, but so many people fail to experience things and grow in life. I’m not saying I do any better, but I try to. I have family members who’ve gone on grand European trips only to come home with a couple fridge magnets and stories about how the hotel fire alarm went off one night and ruined everything, and to complain about the awful food in France. In travel-agent school, we’re warned about sending people out of their comfort zones, and that this often means sticking to English-speaking countries only. Sometimes it’s hard to understand such stiffness and unadventurousness. It serves as a good reminder to find a better way.

Of particular resonance in BootsnAll’s manifesto:

  • Options over possessions
  • Interactions over transactions
  • Adapt as you go rather than micromanage in advance
  • Seek pleasure in simple moments and details
  • Slow down and enjoy an experience
  • Emphasize listening more than talking

To this, I would add one more piece of wisdom: 

  • Go easy, step lightly, stay free

Can I go somewhere now?

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