Travel | Canada | Barnet Marine Park, BC

Vancouver may not be Canada’s most crowded city, but there are still times when I really just want to get away from other humans. Barnet Marine Park in Burnaby, British Columbia, is one of my favourite places to go, where I can usually be assured a walk by the ocean in relative solitude. I drove out last week on a misty day in the intermittent rain to get a bit of air and snap a few photos, and I’m glad I did.

So close to Vancouver proper it barely even qualifies as a day trip, this picturesque park, set along the Burrard Inlet, occupies the same land as the former townsite of Barnet, a mill town founded in the early 1900s and which experienced quick growth and subsequent demise. You can still see a few concrete remains, such as the shell of the old mill, and parts of an old pier. These “ruins” are one of my favourite aspects of the park. Other than those hulking hunks of slowly eroding cement, there’s little to indicate people ever really lived here. It’s usually quiet, save for the seabirds, especially on a winter weekday like on this visit – and I like it that way.

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