I’m a longtime voracious reader of travel literature, and when I discovered travel blogs a decade ago, I was hooked. The Internet has changed things up, and I am constantly discovering new travel writers I enjoy online. And so, I’ve curated a travel blog directory of some of the best ones I’ve come across into one handy list. Handy for me, obviously, and hopefully for you too. Check out some of these interesting travel blogs and enjoy a small peek into the lives of their adventurous writers.

Travel Blog Directory: The Best Travel Blogs

Adventurous Kate – Solo female travel with lots of how-to’s and advice. Her thorough monthly recaps have inspired me to do my own.

Alex in Wanderland – Seriously, one of the best-looking travel blogs out there.

Bacon Is Magic – Travel posts about food and life from a writer I feel like I could totally hang with.

Bohemian Trails – I always find myself coming back to Megan’s site.

Frances Mayes – She doesn’t post very often, but Mayes is one of my favourite travel authors, and her Year in the World has been eminently inspirational to me, so it’s nice to keep up with her in non-paperback form.

Heart My Backpack – I enjoy Silvia’s off-the-beaten-path focus.

Hole in the Donut – Cultural travel from writer Barbara Weibel.

Nerd’s Eye View – Long-running and seriously awesome.

The Pretty Secrets – Style with a sprinkling of travel from my real-life pal Sandy Karpetz.

Uncornered Market – There’s a lot of depth to these posts that goes far beyond the “what I did” of travel.

Wandering Trader – I have an interest in the stock market, so it’s cool to learn how Marcello makes his living alongside his travel adventures.

Young Adventuress – Lots of good & helpful advice on travel, travel blogging, and more.


What are your favourite travel blogs? Have your own travel blog you think I might enjoy? Let me know – send me a message at