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I feel like I’ve been deceived. Before discovering Solly’s Bagelry, my bagel experience was pretty much limited to what you get at Tim Horton’s or in a plastic bag from the grocery store. But this family-owned Vancouver institution, operating since the mid-nineties and with three locations, has shown me what a bagel is supposed to be like: they offer hand-rolled ‘Brooklyn-style’ boiled bagels, and the location at Yukon and 7th, along the bike path, has quickly become one of my favourite go-to lunch spots.

The only problem is what to order. There’s only so much bread a person can eat in one sitting, and it’s tough to resist buying e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g: this Jewish bakery and deli has a delicious assortment of baked goods including to-die-for cinnamon rolls, babka (as seen on Seinfeld), cottage cheese muffins, rugoleh, and more.

Instead of a number, I get Joan Rivers. My vegetarian sandwich, with cucumber, avocado, alfalfa sprouts, onion and tomato piled high on a ‘mishmash’ bagel spread thickly with cream cheese, arrives at my table outside on the patio where I sit sipping a mug of coffee in the shade of a fruiting fig tree. Lively jazz tunes play quietly through a speaker. Surrounding my ‘sandwich’ – which, really, is generously proportioned enough to qualify as two – are ripple potato chips and a pickle spear. No room left for even a rugoleh, but I swear, next time I’m trying the babka.

I visited the Solly’s Bagelry located at 368 West 7th Ave, Vancouver. 

Solly's Bagelry

Joan Rivers Sign

Blueberry Cake

Cinnamon Buns

Babka sign

Deli Counter at Solly's

Deli Fridge at Solly's Bagelry

Solly's Bagels

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