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Mobile is the future, and PayPal knows it.

Last week I popped into PayPal’s Apps & Snacks Event, held at the beautiful Brix & Mortar on Homer Street in Vancouver, to learn about how PayPal is integrating as a payment option into all sorts of mobile apps that you can use for convenient one-touch payments, both when ordering online and paying for things in-store. That’s right – it’s not just for eBay purchases anymore.

At first, I wasn’t sure why I would want to use another method of payment when I already have my bank account and credit card, but the more I learned about it, the more I think this is a really cool option. Why? Well, as a freelance editor who gets a lot of PayPal transfers, I usually carry a balance within PayPal, and it takes a few business days to transfer that balance over to my bank account. In addition, PayPal is pretty anonymous. I like the idea of not giving my banking or credit card information over every time I want to purchase something. Finally, it’s convenient. Once you add your PayPal account to your app, it’s pretty much a one-click purchase.

And for travelers, the potential applications of PayPal mobile payments that we’ll see in the coming years are endless.



Vancouver’s PayPal Apps & Snacks Event featured 16 apps that have partnered with the payment gateway to provide service. For me, a few will likely prove more useful than others:

Easy Park Vancouver – This is going to be my number one PayPal-integrated app, no question. I love that I’ll be able to top up my time in one of these lots, of which there are many in downtown Vancouver, using one-touch PayPal payment.

Starbucks – Easily reload your card with PayPal on your mobile app, and use your phone to pay for your coffee either on the spot or in advance.

Just Eat – This is theee quintessential restaurant delivery option, with hundreds of restaurants to choose from. For whatever reason I actually despise the payment process for delivery foods, so to have the option of one-touch pay means I’ll likely be using this service often. Beard Papa’s cream puffs directly to my door? Yes, please. Although if you catch me actually doing that, feel free to chastise me.

Lush – I’m a longtime lover of Lush products, and am kind of afraid, having access to a one-click payment option to order bath bombs and lotions!

Best Buy – I don’t buy tech stuff often, but when I do, it’s usually from Best Buy, and it’s usually via mail-order so I can avoid having to set foot in there.

Other early-adoption partners for PayPal mobile payments include: Honk Mobile, RipeRides, Roots, Indigo, Etsy, eBay, Cineplex, Ask For Task, Fundrazr, HootSuite, and Help Hub.




I came home with some lovely goodies to enjoy as samples of what PayPal can now do for me, including a Lush bath bomb, a rich and creamy chocolate cupcake from Cupcakes on Denman, and some great coupons to save on purchases via PayPal through a variety of mobile apps.

Also, PayPal hooked me up with this sweet offer to pass on to my readers. The below will get you $5 credit from some of Vancouver’s participating retailers. That’s two and a half tall coffees from Starbucks. Do it!

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