Monthly Recap: October 2016

Apparently the time is flying by because I totally dropped the ball on writing my October 2016 update. Whoops. Well, the month was one of playing catch-up on projects and being a local tourist, one of my favourite activities. I also got to enjoy some much-needed family time over the Thanksgiving weekend, when I travelled to Edmonton to see my grandparents.

Where I Went


Edmonton, Alberta

Vancouver, British Columbia

Favourite Places

Both of the above! Edmonton is my hometown, and Vancouver is my current place of residence.


Seeing my grandparents. My grandparents’ house is like the one piece of stability in my life. It’s remained the same, unchanging, since I was born. They’re in their eighties now, but still living independently, and it was great to spend a few nights at their home because I get to visit so rarely. We had a lovely Thanksgiving dinner, so I got to see the rest of my family as well, including my mom.

Taking the train through the mountains. I love taking the train, and when I couldn’t find a flight home for cheap I opted to just grab an economy-class Via Rail ticket. Gazing out the window at the Rockies is pretty OK.


Richmond Nature Park. It’s filled with trails through the bog and there’s this epic bird feeder there that I love, with three or four types of squirrels and all manner of birds in a perpetual frenzy for seeds. The next day, I was watching Trailer Park Boys and Bubbles turned on the TV and there it was – the bird feeder area! Bizarre.


Pacific Spirit Regional Park. There hasn’t been a lot of time for Joel and I to spend together lately and we’ve both been extra-stressed, him over school and me over finances and just plain ol’ not having enough time. So I appreciate that this beautiful network of forest trails is so close by and convenient.



Being zen when you have a less-than-ideal seatmate. On the train from Edmonton, the woman in the seat across from me was the type who didn’t know the meaning of the word solitude. At first I was a bit annoyed, but came to the conclusion that if I’d wanted a private journey, I should’ve shelled out for a private room.

Being really busy. As I mentioned above, I’d be lying if I said I was getting enough free time to spend my significant other. But we’re getting pretty good at spend quality time doing cool things when it’s possible.

Most Popular Post

vintage tiki bar

Vintage Tiki at the Sip ‘n’ Dip Lounge, Montana – I’m not remotely surprised that my post on this vintage sixties tiki bar was the most popular in the month of October. It’s that cool of a place. Plus, the Sip ‘n’ Dip was kind enough to share it on their Facebook page!

Other Posts

San Jose del Cabo’s Cemetery in Photos – A photo tour of a gorgeous cemetery in Los Cabos, Mexico.

Glacier National Park in a Day – A long and detailed post on how to visit one of America’s greatest national parks if you only have a short time to spend. Lots of photos in this one!

Most Popular Instagram Photo


Once again, my monthly selfie topped the likes chart by a ridiculous margin.

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What I Read This Month

It’s been another dry month as far as books are concerned. I’m starting to get embarrassed about this so I promise I’ll have something for this section next month.

What I Watched This Month

In preparation for an upcoming trip to Prague I’ve been watching Czech films with subtitles. This first one, “This Morning I’ll Wake Up and Scald Myself With Tea,” was really funny.

What I Listened To This Month 

The Orange Kyte played with a band called Cosmonauts, which was a good time.

Coming Up in November 2016

Well, it’s halfway through the month so I don’t want to spoil anything. Some out-of-town stuff with Fashionism, and lots of local fun.

What were your October highlights? What do you have coming up for November? Tell me in the comments 🙂



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