Monthly Recap: August 2016

How is summer nearly over already?! August started off very busy; I played three shows in the span of the week before heading off to a wedding in Lethbridge, followed by a road trip with my boyfriend and a few days at my dad’s place in the Shuswaps before arriving home. I’d taken a bit of a break from editing work and so the rest of August was spent madly wrangling work through Fiverr in order to get my financial affairs back in order. In addition, I dealt with some annoying personal issues, including credit card fraud that maxed out my Visa while I was away, and a liability claim against me for a traffic incident that never actually happened. Ugh!

I’m excited to add these monthly recaps to my blog. Inspiration credit goes to Adventurous Kate, whose format I’m loosely following for my own recaps.

Where I Went

Castle Mountain, Lethbridge, Lille, and Vulcan, Alberta

Great Falls and Glacier National Park, Montana

Mara Lake, British Columbia

Mt. Fromme, North Vancouver, British Columbia

Favourite Places


Hike to Hidden Lake – Glacier National Park, Montana

Lille. This ghost town in the Crowsnest Pass requires a long hike to get to, but holds a personal significance for me and was long on my list for spots to visit.

Vulcan. The idea that a town would so wholeheartedly adopt a Star Trek tourism strategy really resonates with me.

Great Falls. We visited specifically for the Sip ‘n’ Dip Lounge tiki bar, but stumbled upon some other really cool stuff like Giant Springs State Park, and scored big at the thrift shops.

Glacier National Park. This might be my favourite national park yet. I loved Going-to-the-Sun Road, and although it was a bit of a “human hell,” as Joel and I like to call anything overcrowded, the bus system far surpasses anything in the Canadian national parks and makes navigating the hikes a breeze.

IMG_6542 Camping at the Blackfeet Nation Reserve, Montana


Laurice. Fashionism played with this fantastic musician, who came up for a special performance. He’s still captivating audiences in his 70s.

Visiting the ruins of the Bellevue Hotel in Lille. It’s pretty surreal to visit a completely abandoned townsite far from civilization and see firsthand the foundation of a formerly thriving business operated by your great-grandfather more than a century ago.



Baby kittens. Playing with the tiniest baby kittens I’ve ever seen is not something I shall soon forget.

The Sip ‘n’ Dip Lounge. This Great Falls  tiki bar has been on my list for a long time, and we finally saw Piano Pat and the mermaids in action. It’s every bit as great as I’d imagined it would be.

Kayaking the Shuswap River. My favourite thing to do while visiting my dad.

Playing archaeologist on my dad’s property. In the 1930s, the original homestead had an English garden so renowned it made the newspaper. We started excavating some of the original stone landscaping details, which are covered in a layer of dirt and moss.


Finances. Unless you’re independently wealthy, living in Vancouver is a challenge. I’d strayed briefly from my main occupation as an editor and writer to take on some social media work, taking a pay cut in the process, and suffice to say it drained me. I quit at the beginning of the month to refocus back on editing. Also, my boss at Hits and Misses, the record shop I work at once per week, announced it’ll be closing in September, so with that out of the picture too I should soon be back on track.

Dishonest people. A few months ago, a pedestrian tried to charge me with hit and run. They’re delusional. It never happened, and they’re clearly trying to scam some money. Although the police agree that there’s no evidence anything ever happened, my insurance company feels that since I can’t prove it DIDN’T happen, I must be at fault. It’s frustrating, but I’m fighting back because it’s absolutely ridiculous. In addition, when I was in Lethbridge I called to purchase travel insurance from BCAA and discovered that my credit card had been compromised, maxed out via a $2800 Air Canada gift charge purchase. I wasn’t impressed with Air Canada’s customer service on the issue, but TD Visa were great and resolved it quickly and painlessly.

Most Popular Post


Walking along the Old Man River in Lethbridge, Alberta

Lethbridge – My experiences while hitting this southern Alberta town for the first time. Includes baby kitten photos 🙂

Other Posts

Why You Need Travel Insurance for Trips Within Canada – I’ve written about travel insurance so much that it’s scared me into getting an annual policy so I don’t even have to think about it. Here’s a piece I wrote for Westworld BC on why Canadians need travel insurance when traveling outside their home province.

Eat: Solly’s Bagels, Vancouver – A feature on a Jewish deli in Vancouver that’s become a mainstay in my lunch routine. Y-U-M.

Most Popular Instagram Photo


Me and a 600-year-old cedar – it was pretty damn cool to come upon this guy in the forest. I knew we’d be seeing a big cedar, since we were on Big Cedar Trail, but we seemed to stumble upon it almost suddenly. Location: Mt. Fromme, North Vancouver.

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What I Read This Month

Seed Me by Konn Lavery – Actually, I edited this novel, which came out this month. It’s an imaginative horror story based in my hometown of Edmonton.

Travel Writing: Expert Advice from the World’s Leading Travel Publisher (Lonely Planet) – This is a re-read for me. Getting good advice on your craft never hurts, and this is as good as it gets.

What I Watched This Month

I’ve never really been a TV or movie person because I find I don’t really have the time. But during meals is a different story. Since I write and edit for a living, I find that one of the best ways to shut my brain off for a little while is to watch something mindless and cram some food into my body. This month I got through a good portion of The Office on Netflix.

In Lethbridge, we went to the dollar theatre and wound up seeing The Man Who Knew Infinity. It’s based on the true story of mathematician Srinivasa Ramanujan, who rose from a position as a clerk in Southern India to a fellow of Trinity College Cambridge. I enjoyed every second, and would highly recommend it.

IMG_6875Rocket ship from the Seattle Natatorium Circle Swing Ride, seen in Wallace, Idaho

What I Listened To This Month 

I spent a lot of time in my car this month, which meant the new Laurice CD I picked up at the show my band Fashionism played with him, G.A.Y.D.A.R., was on heavy rotation. It’s over-the-top and amazing, and his glam-pop songwriting hasn’t suffered from his long break in putting out albums.

My other band, The Orange Kyte, played with Ultimate Painting and Omni at the Biltmore on August 1. I picked up LPs from both bands.

I also had some good fortune at one of the thrift shops I frequent and happened upon a few Pink Floyd LPs in great shape. I’ve been listening to Relics, a compilation featuring some of the earlier stuff, on heavy rotation. Arnold Layne and See Emily Play are favourites.

Coming Up in September 2016


This month is set to be a busy one. This first long weekend is the Vancouver Vintage Scooter Rally, and I’m planning to attend some of the events and rides—between editing tasks, of course. And on Sunday I hope to go see the Monkees play at the PNE.

On Friday, September 9, I’ll head over to Victoria to spend some time with my mom and, hopefully, donate a bunch of the abandoned musical equipment from our practice space to a good cause. On the Saturday, Fashionism headlines a show at Logan’s Pub. We should also have copies of our latest 7″, Subculture Suicide, a few days later.

On September 15, The Orange Kyte leaves for its first foray into Alberta. It remains to be seen how the shows will turn out, but I’m glad we’re taking the initiative to go. It’ll be our first trip together, and I’m looking forward to showing the Irish lads more of Canada. We’re spending the first night at my dad’s near Sicamous, then play the Palomino September 16 and the Sewing Machine Factory in Edmonton September 17.


The following weekend is the Jaguars Scooter Rally in Kelowna. I really hope I’ll be able to make it out to this one, as riding scooters around the BC interior sounds amazing, plus there’ll be a lot of friends I want to see.

Finally, I’m hoping to be able to squeeze in a Portland sojourn for September 30 to see Reigning Sound. Fingers crossed. In the meantime, it’s editing so that I can afford to do it all!



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