It only took six months, but here I am, starting over. Why? My travel blog, which I've been keeping intermittently since 2008, was deleted and purged from my host's servers while I was away in Mexico this past January with no hope of recovery (lesson learned:

For their sixth week of the Indie Travel Challenge,  the folks at BootsnAll published themselves a manifesto on indie travel. During Week 2, I shared my thoughts on the idea of “indie travel” and how I think labelling yourself and the things you do is kind of silly. Really, it’s just

My boy is back. He flew in yesterday from Comox, all by himself. And in a surprise move, after weeks and weeks of non-commital answers, my landlord came through and is letting him stay. For those of you that don’t yet know Mortimer, don’t worry, you will.

I wouldn’t call myself an indie traveller, even if I fit the mould by some standards. To me, making the distinction between traveller and tourist is enough. As G.K. Chesterton said, “The traveller sees what he sees, the tourist sees what he has come to see.” The term

  I’m slightly over a week late, but I’ve decided to participate in travel website BootsnAll’s Indie Travel Challenge 2012. One of my vague resolutions for this year was to be more consistent with my blogging, no matter how busy I get with other things, so this

This is how I spent the final hours of 2011, and the first few hours of 2012. Seeing bands and laughing with friends is a good way to end things, and a good way to start anew. Normally I’m not into the New Year’s thing but I have