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In early August, I travelled to Castle Mountain, a southern Alberta ski resort in the Rocky Mountains an hour and a half west of Lethbridge, to attend a really pretty outdoor wedding ceremony. The area was beautiful, and although I don’t have any photos of the ceremony to share (guests were requested to take no photographs), I did coerce my poor boyfriend Joel into accompanying me halfway up the ski hill so I could capture some images of the spectacular sunset.

Exploring the forest

Earlier, while waiting for the wedding to begin, we spent some time running around the woods. We ate saskatoon berries off the bushes after watching people emerge from the mountain trails with pails full, and walked through the forest alongside the stream. (Did you know saskatoons are the same thing as huckleberries? Who knew.)

Southern Alberta ski resort meets summer fun

It seems as though Castle Mountain in the summer is a popular summer area for ATVs and dirt biking, judging by the parking lot, which was full of trailers and muddy vehicles. There are cabins for rent as well as a hostel. Oh, and be aware the pub closes at 6 p.m. on Saturdays—a fact we learned the hard way.

Although I grew up in Alberta, I’d never heard of Castle Mountain before, and am glad of the opportunity the wedding afforded me to see this beautiful corner of the world. Especially the sunset.













  • Jason Crawford

    Great pics. Thanks for sharing. Hope you come visit us this winter!

    Jason Crawford
    Sales & Marketing Manager – Castle Mountain Resort

    September 7, 2016

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